About Us

We trust in the power of nature backed by science to help maintain peak performance.

Where We Began

We had a vision in which we lived in a society where all members were healthy and prosperous. A society in which its people could turn to trusted products whenever they felt under the weather and needed a boost; or simply wanted to prevent such occurrences by supplementing. In our attempts to bring that vision to life, we began work and created Viovera. From broad-acting multi-vitamins to specific joint and cardiac health, we have designed products for nearly all conditions. Our loyal customers return to us time and time again due to the pleasure and benefits of our line of supplements.

Who We Are

Viovera products are UK based, Canadian manufactured products dedicated to providing quality healthcare items to all members of the community. We know your family’s health is your priority, that is why we have made it our number one priority. We strive to produce beneficial products with high quality assurance to meet your needs. All ingredients are sourced from trustable roots and undergo quality testing before being manufactured using cGMP procedures.

Our Future

Every day, we strive to do better and do more. Our line of products is ever expanding and our quality is ever improving to stay up to date with the latest that the healthcare industry has to offer. Welcome to the Viovera family.

Mission, Vision, and Values

MISSION- Here at Viovera, our mission is to provide supplements for all conditions and specificities. We strive to ensure all of your needs are met with trusted products.

VISION- We envision a healthy society where all health needs are met and every member of the population lives in optimal conditions. We strive for your happiness and wellbeing.

VALUES- Producing high quality products with efficacious ingredients is at the top of our priority list. We do not settle and do not compromise in implementing our values.